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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Correct the errors in the following sentence overheard in the supermarket:

How many pops you got and how manys the same.

Remember that there is more than one possible correct answer.

Note: you can still see previous Grammar Questions of the Week; they are posted in the archive in the side bar.


Vocabulary building is important for both reading comprehension and writing. Use the following two words (note the part of speech) in one sentence.

circumlocution (noun) + either adverse (adjective) or adversely (adverb)

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The following question is similar to the one in part 3 of the Engl 140 final exam. There are many possible answers. Write a sentence using the vocabulary and grammar indicated.

The students in the course + drive ( past perfect, passive voice) + go (simple past)

There are many possible correct answers. Correct answers will be available in the blog archive.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ALL CHANGE! May 20th

Change the words in the sentence below as indicated. You can only change the exact word in the sequence given; after someone else has posted the next change, then you can post another change. For instance, student 1 writes #1 Subject Noun, and changes the subject noun; Student 2 writes #2 Direct Object Noun, and changes that noun. Each student only makes one change at a time and keeps to the order indicated.If you complete all 7 changes, then start making more changes again from 1 to 7. Each student should build on the changes that the previous students make.

The greedy child quickly ate all the candy in the coloured basked.

1. change the subject noun 2. change the direct object noun
3. change the indirect object noun 4. change the adjectives
5. change the adverb name 6. change the verb name
7. change the verb tense


Use the type of clause, phrase, or grammar indicated to complete the following sentence; you can add the phrase or clause before or after the clause below:

...the Victoria Day long weekend was disappointing this year ...

1. Use a phrase
2. Use a dependent clause
3. Use an independent clause

Note:you can still see previous Sentence Completion questions; they are posted in the archive in the side bar.