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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Welcome to the English 140 Blog.
The goal is to increase the communication between us, and also provide you with an opportunity to communicate with each other. If you post general questions about the assignments or the course, I will answer them. If you have detailed questions you want answered, then it’s probably better to e-mail your tutor.
Check in the Archives (see sidebar) for previous exercises and activities.
IMPORTANT: This blog site is open to the public; do not post personal information that could identify you--your first name is the only personal information you should post. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you. This blog should be very useful to me.


Claudia Ceraso said...

Hello VerĂ³nica,
This blog looks organised and useful. I tried to subscribe to it, but problems. The message reads: "No RSS feeds available". So this would be my suggestion to improve it: allow some kind of notification system to keep the communication flow.
Wish you all best,
(fceblog on

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Veronica
Just to tell you I miss you already! We had great fun in Seattle. You are marvelous person!
Wishing you all the best with your blog which is certainly a very good one!
Hugs from Brazil

angelesb said...

hello VerĂ²nica,

I'm so impressed because your blog looks so neat and well-organized! I like it a lot !!!

You have great ideas, learning English and laughing :)

It's so good! Congratulations!

vanessa said...

Hi Veronica,
Thank you. I shal enjoy using this blog as help to my study. This looks nice and well organized. I'm hoping that I can meet you in person one day.
Take good care and god bless,

Nance Chaplin said...

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Brendie said...

Hi Veronica,

The blog makes learning English more fun. Thanks for organizing it. I'm sure that it will prove to be useful.


Nadia said...

Congratulations Veronica!
Keeping a blog going for two years, with all its updating - it's an amazing amount of work and effort. I'm sure your students have hugely benefitted from it.

seema gupta said...

very informative blog ya


Anastasia said...

My first blog comment ever :)
I'll get the hang of it!

Thank you.

Tamara said...

Seema and Anastasia: Thanks for your comments. I hope to stay connected with you here through the blog! It's a great way to create and enjoy a people network in individual study courses!

Devika said...

Thank you for the warm welcom,
sure it will be usful and helpful.

Anonymous said...

how do u do?

Veronica Baig said...

AMIN: Welcome--do see the instructions in the side-bar to understand how to post using your name. Enjoy the blog and the course:-)