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Friday, April 23, 2010

PUZZLE, Apr. 23rd, 2010

Previous puzzle: Suggested answers
1. a. Barrier b. Everything.....Wall/All
2. a. Full amount b. An opening.....Whole/Hole
3. a. Season b. Bury.....Winter/Inter
4. a. Roll around in mud b. Permit.....Wallow/Allow
5. a. Females b. Prophetic sign.....Women/Omen
6. a.Twist forcibly b. Circular band.....Wring/Ring
7. a.Being victorious b. Baseball game division.....Winning/Inning
8. a. One of the five W's b. Head covering.....What/Hat

New Puzzle: When beheading a word, remove the first letter and still have a valid word. The clue for, longer of the two words is first (behead the first word).

Example: a. Begin b. Sour, acidic Answer: Start and Tart.

1. a. Outer layer b. Oxidized metal
2. a. Defraud; violate rules b. Thermal energy in transit
3. a. Sensation of cold b. Local land elevation
4. a. Go upward b. Jointed appendage; branch
5. a. Strong metal rope b. Having necessary skill
6. a. Confined; restrained b. Old; grew older
7. a. Stop; discontinue b. Freedom from hardship
8. a. Lacking dirt b. Lacking fat


iannou said...

Hi Veronica!

It looks like you puzzle is begging for a solution. I'll give it a whirl.

1. Crust/Rust
2. Cheat/Heat
3. Chill/Hill
4. Climb/Limb
5. Cable/Able
6. Caged/Aged
7. Cease/Ease
8. Clean/Lean

Veronica Baig said...

IAN: This finally drew you in! Congratulations. It's good to see your name here again;-)

iannou said...

Hi Veronica,

I still get the blog announcements, and I often think of participating. As you know, I like to give the others several days to work out the puzzles before I try them. Unfortunately I usually don't think of it again until the next solution is posted :( I'll try to be a little more on the ball in future.