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Thursday, December 11, 2008


In December we welcome Cynthia, Anastasia, and Roukaya to the course; we hope you enjoy it and that you will participate in the blog.

Blogger Away!
The blogger (Veronica) will be away between Dec. 5th and Jan. 4th. In her absence, Tamara Renkas will coordinate the blog. Look forward to some holiday specials coming up and keep on participating!


The team is real happy that they won the game so easy and now the players recover from the party they had thrown afterwards.

1. Subject-verb agreement: In this sentence, “team” is plural; notice the use of the plural pronoun “they” to refer to the team. Change the verb “is” to “are”.
2. Word form: use an adverb to modify an adjective--change “real” to “really”.
3. Word form: use an adverb to modify a verb; “easy” modifies “won”, so change it to “easily”.
4. Verb tense: for something that is occurring at the present time, use the present progressive tense: change “recover” to “are recovering”.
5. Verb tense: the past perfect tense refers to something that happened before another event in the past, but the party happened after the game. For this reason, use the simple past “threw”.
6. Punctuation: When two independent clauses are separated by a coordinating conjunction (and), use a comma before that conjunction.

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