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Thursday, December 11, 2008


The following question is similar to the one in part 3 of the Engl 140 final exam. There are many possible answers. Write a sentence using the vocabulary and grammar indicated.

Write a sentence using a dependent clause in the past perfect progressive tense and an independent clause in the simple past.

There are many possible correct answers. Correct answers will be available in the blog archive.


Joannt T said...

I had only been swimming for twenty minutes, when I got a cramp.

Tamara said...

Joanne: You're right with the verb tenses but you've mixed up dependent vs independent clauses.

Joanne T said...

Thanks Tamara. Is the follow corrent? Independent vs dependent clauses are somewhat confusing to me.

I got a cramp after I had been swimming for only twenty minutes.

Anastasia said...

Dependent Clause/Past Perfect Progressive Tense

When her guests arrived, she had been cleaning for three hours.

Independent Clause/Simple Past

He studied for several hours.