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Sunday, February 1, 2009

PUZZLE, Feb. 1st, 2010

Previous Puzzle
Congratulations to Anastasia and Joanne for providing answers to the puzzle.

There were more possible answers than I expected--here is an example of the correct answers:
1. u … super (u/us/sue/sure/super)
2. e … hamper (e/he/her/hare/harem/hamper)
3. o … erosion (o/so/son/ones/snore/sooner/erosion)
Other answers were possible.

New Puzzle
Let’s try the same thing this week. Add one letter at a time to make a new word: example a to adios (a/as/sad/dais/adios)
1. o … honor
2. i … detail
3. i … elation
Note Please don't use proper nouns;-)

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